lundi 9 novembre 2015

Import animal pet Argentina

Import animal Argentina pet / Voyages animaux Argentine

Pet moving animals to Argentina may take a little time and logistics. We are happy to announce that we have now a regional agent to help all our affiliates in South America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile for imports and exports of animals pets. Coordination with the right authorities is important and our regional office is there to help with safely importing your pets into Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The arrival for argentina will be into Buenos Aires as the first port of entry, with delivery to residence if needed or required. Rio, Sao Paulo pet import for Brazil and Santiago pet moving for Chile and Pet relocation is as well available for exports to Europe, United States and many more countries from this different cities. The animal arrival into Argentina must have the right health certificat which any P.A.N.Vet provides. Check with our South American PetDesk which solution you require. Make sure you shop around if doing a relocation yourself, prices may vary substancially.
Always check with the right authoritites, not doing so will be very expensive and pets will be returned to the original country. Other services animal export/import, veterinarians, pet shops, pet grooming and many others are available on the site as well increasing your pet experience. Other departures to Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, United States from Argentina, Sri Lanka are possible via P.A.N. a unique service from the Pet Alliance Network

New affiliates join the network daily so check back often. Departures for pet relocation, pet moving can be made as well from any airports worldwide. Contact P.A.N. for your favorite pet move, pet moving, animal travel.

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Pet export Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Transport animaux Agentine, Buenos Aires
Hund Katzen transport flug Argentina
Importieren eines Tieres Argentina

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