mardi 29 septembre 2015

Pet animal relocation Switzerland

Pet animal relocation for companies Switzerland

P.A.N. will be available at the Salon RH Suisse Switzerland speaking with several relocation companies of the different value and benefits they have by being part of the P.A.N.Network

For all relocation companies, moving pet animals for their clients can be very stressful and require an extensive amount of work. Pet relocations is usualy a door to door issue, which means you need to have the pet animal picked up, vet visits, check of paperwork, flight management, customs clearance upon arrival and finally a delivery to their residence. This scheduling is veyr difficult to put together for some countries and you need to work with the right pet relocation companies. There are two networks which can help now in managing this transition. I.P.A.T.A. which gives you the list of pet moving companies and Pet Alliance Network P.A.N. which not only covers the agent list but will help any relocation company use the platform to do service their clients. P.A.N. works now with several relocation companies on a worldwide basis and provide assistance in documents, agents and most of all our AVIcare program, covering flight for owners who want to travel with their pets.

Before you select which network you want to work with, make sure you shop around for the price as you might be very surprised in the difference. PAN benefits now from thousands of agents around the world and as a pet relocation company, you may rely on the best platform to work with. Dartures for pet relocation Zurich, pet moving Zurich can be made as well from Zurich airport, Geneva airport, London airport, Paris airport, Nice airport as our local representatives are now present in all. Contact P.A.N. for your favorite pet relocation, move moving, animal travel agency.

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