lundi 2 février 2015

Pet moving move Zurich ZRH

Pet moving move Zurich (ZRH)

Pet relocation from Zurich is now in full affect. We have already several departures for passengers living within the Zurich area and Basel. With BA we have great connections throught the world to places such as Bahamas, United States and many others. Our network now covers many new places with new agents coming online all the time. If you have arriving pet(s) make sure to contact us as well as our local agents can clear easily for under CH.400.- depending on routing.

Pet move Atlanta (ATL) - Zurich (ZRH)
Animal relocation Zurich (ZRH) - Los Angeles (LAX)
Animal move Zurich (ZRH) - London (LHR)
Pet relocation Zurich (ZRH) - Vancouver (YVR)
Pet relo Zurich (ZRH) - Atlanta (ATL)
Pet moving Zurich (ZRH) - Zurich (ZH) hund transport

More information available:
P.A.N. - Pet Alliance Network

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IMPORTANT - PAN will not issue airline tickets or airwaybills only via our PAN affiliates. Our AVIcare program is available for a single travel logistic

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