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Geneva (GVA) to London (LHR) pet road travel transport relocation

Geneva to London pet road travel

Every month departure Geneva to London and return by road by one of our PAN affiliate pet transport company. It offers a roundtrip Geneva - London - Geneva every month via Paris if needed.

Customers prefer for their pets they travel with someone who can keep an eye on them and make sure they have walks during the trip. The PAN driver will stop every couple of hours, walk them, check the water and care for them. Also a serious comparaison to airline travel which by the time you put the pet at check-in early morning and collect in London it is the same timespan.

A maximum of two pets per owner and minimum two owners is required to book the trip. Maximum of 5 pets allowed in total.

 DEPARTE : 18:00 previous evening
ARRIVAL : 14:00 next day

 Pick-up is available at our London office in Clapham or delivery is requested within the London area. A stop at the Paris office can be organised for return trips to Switzerland, if a drop-off is required.

You must schedule a Vet visit 4 day prior not. The paperwork is strickly according to PET travel scheme and enforced.

The trip is with caretakers, the animals will be walked at every stop, door to door. So reserve now for the next trip. Its easy and cost the same than the flight without all the procedures.

More information available:
P.A.N. - Pet Alliance Network
International Headquarters
1215 Genève-Aéroport - Switzerland
  +41 848 11 8888
Please have your membership
number ready when you call

You do not have a membership number ?

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IMPORTANT - PAN is a network of affiliates and does not issue tickets or does transport, only via our affiliates

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