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A pet move Zurich - (ZRH) Zurich pet relocation to Singapore (SIN)

A pet move Zurich - (ZRH) Zurich pet relocation to Singapore (SIN)

We reviewed together a request from a passenger wishing to move to Singapore from Zurich and the details for travel of her dog. Procedures are well explained on the PAN site regarding the import permit, quarantine or no quarantine Singapore and the particulars of the flight to Singapore for the passenger and its pet travelling in-hold with them. The passenger took our PAN Assistance Coverage CH.25.- per year and we were able to review with her the correct flight for her to book and the departure procedures in order to prepare to leave Zurich (ZRH) and enter Singapore (SIN) with a dog. The passenger was more confortable to have our AVIcare program do the import and delivery to Singapore and so we arranged this with our PAN pro-agent in Singapore who organised everything for the dog. Of course this can be done directly by the passenger and the agent if he feels he can do this. The AVIcare program is there to help and support the different difficulties for a Pet dog relocation from Zurich to Singapore. The passenger flew with the family and the dog as excess baggage (EUR 200*) not included the customs clearance and delivery of course, but a substancial saving to the passenger.

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