jeudi 15 mai 2014

A pet handling Zurich (ZRH) pet relocation Cargologic

A pet handling Zurich (ZRH) pet relocation Cargologic

Moving your pet(s) animal(s) from Zurich on United Petsafe will be done by the main handling agent Cargologic. To and from Zurich and US requires a little preparations. Our Handling agents can provide the necessary assistance and work closely with Petsafe for moving relocating your pet(s) to the United States or return from Zurich. Make sure to be part of the AVIcare program before you select any agent for departure or check they are part of PAN. AVicare is becoming the program to count on for health, safety and care of your pet(s) during their travel time and well after.

Familiar destinations
Pet moving from Zurich (ZRH)
Pet moving to Geneva (GVA)
Pet moving with United (UA)
Pet handling Cargologic

Many destinations, one assistance

More information available:
P.A.N. - Pet Alliance Network
International Headquarters
1215 Genève-Aéroport - Switzerland
  +41 848 11 8888
Please have your membership
number ready when you call

You do not have a membership number ?

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IMPORTANT - PAN will not issue airline tickets or airwaybills or do customs clearance only via our affiliates. Our AVIcare program is available for a single travel logistic

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